Jul 11, 2014

Gubernatorial Wisconsin Election: Mary Burke Shows True Colors

Demonstrating the pure hypocrisy and corruptness of Democrat candidates, Mary Burke stated yesterday that she would outlaw campaign donations from out-of-state residents. She stated this at a fund raiser in Sister Bay in Door County.
Director of the Wisconsin Republican Party, Joe Fadness, announced that Mary Burke had collected 30% of her donations from contributors outside Wisconsin, which amounts to more than $1 million. Fadness was reported to say in a news release:
Burke should practice what she preaches and immediately return the donations she has received from outside Wisconsin.
The practice of making out-of-state contributions illegal was tried in Oregon who barred candidates from receiving more than 10% of their money from outside their districts and a federal appeals court declared it to be unconstitutional in 1998. It certainly is not ethical. Another case in Vermont that restricted more than 25% of funding from out of state was also ruled unconstitutional by a federal court, but the Alaska Supreme Court upheld contribution limits from out-of-state residents.
On November 4th, 2014 there will be an election to elect the governor of Wisconsin with Governor Scott Walker running for his reelection into his second term. Democrats and unions tried to recall Governor Walker and failed, despite getting large amounts of donations from unions that were not even in the state of Wisconsin.
The candidates running in the primary to run against Scott Walker are Mary Burke (business women from Milwaukee) and Brett Hulsey, who is presently a State Representative. Two other candidates have been disqualified: Marcia Mercedes Perkins and Hari Trivedi, an independent candidate for Governor who ran in the 2012 recall election.
Until recently the polls showed that Mary Burke had a lead to run against Scott Walker with 66%. The Rasmussen Poll shows that Mary Burke has 46% which ties with incumbent governor, Scott Walker at 46%. Public Policy Polling shows Walker with 48% and Burke at 45%. Presently the poll shows favor for Scott Walker at 48% and Brett Hulsey at 39%. The polling is classified as “hypothetical”.
Detailed reports of the candidates' donors are due on July 21st.

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