Jul 11, 2014

Bill to Repatriate Korean War Rifles Loaned Still in Committee

George Washington became thoroughly disgusted and impatient with Congress when they wanted to refer his treaty with Creek natives to committee, after deliberating each paragraph in discussion. He would have a stroke if he was living today.
H.R. 2247: Collectible Firearms Protection Act is a bill sponsored by the dynamic, active constitutionalist representative in the House for Wyoming - Cynthia Lummis. It has been in committee since June 4th, 2013 and now over a year later has not been processed by the committee.

It is a bill to counter the ridiculous Obama administration's policy to refuse M1 Garand rifles that was loaned to South Korea in the Korean War and who wishes to return them. By selling them to collectors and firearm dealers, it is a chance for the federal government to take in revenue that would possibly be lowered if the politicians on Capitol Hill and the White House would quit spending like drunken sailors. It would also afford collectors to obtain a piece of American history, as well as a rifle that is popular with large game hunters. It is a perfectly legal semiautomatic weapon; but there is the rub – Obama and comrades don't want citizens to own semiautomatic firearms. If it was up to them Americans would only be allowed double-barreled shotguns and muzzle-loading rifles.
M1 Garand Rifle
The committee holding it up is the Committee on Foreign Affairs and to the Committee on Ways and Means. The period the committee has to determine that it goes to the floor for a vote within the House and Senate is the House Speaker; which explains, in part, why it is still on hold.
The text reads, in part:
To amend the Arms Export Control Act to provide that certain firearms listed as curios or relics may be imported into the United States by a licensed importer without obtaining authorization from the Department of State or the Department of Defense, and for other purposes.
The bill is an amendment and not to counter the entire Arms Export Control Act because there is no sane or common sense reason why the Attorney General under the direction of the White House has stopped the importation of rifles that belong to the United States, paid for by the taxpayers, and should be resold to collectors through dealers. All firearms sold must comply with current regulations which include a background check of all buyers by FFL dealers.
So, what IS the problem, President Obama?

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