Jul 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day!

Time for barbequing and music [WBDK, 96.7 FM] and when the sun sets traditional fireworks – spending quality time with our family and friends. Yet, we must not forget what this day represents, especially today where our nation is on a threshold of a point where there may be no return. Yet amidst these gloomy events and circumstances there is hope, not based on socialism, but a constitutional republic created 238 years ago by men who were brave enough to stand upon principles and values that all humans should have.

Headlines for Independence Day

Mark Alexander at Patriot Post: Tyranny is Transient – Liberty is Eternal.
Congressman Denied Access to Government Migrant Facility
Door County Peninsula Maritime Museum offers its outstanding pirate exhibit.
Door County Fireboat Cruise – Sturgeon Bay (next to Maritime Museum)
Fireworks will be on display and festivals held across the Peninsula at: Egg Harbor, Bailey's Harbor, Sturgeon Bay, Forestville at Maplewood Community, Gills Rock, Washington Island, and Fish Creek.
The following video briefly depicts how the Declaration of Independence came to be and its words spoken to the citizens of Philadelphia - and that despite the gloom and reality of current events, American colonists chose freedom and liberty instead of bending to fear and tyranny.
I remember such a time
Independence Day Beverage Tip -- Use a melon scooper and make watermelon balls and then freeze them. Add to a glass of lemonade or tea instead of ice cubes. 


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