Jul 15, 2014

Immigration and Border Security is Reaching a Boiling Point

For decades our presidents has not enforced immigration laws or actively sought to secure our southern border once and for all. President Bush signed the bill to authorize the security required, but the border security fence authorized has NOT been built. Why?
Of all the presidents in those several decades, Mr. Obama is the worst and his policies are strictly political and has made matters more critical.
There are complaints about the recent illegal immigration escapade, part of the planned invasion of the United States but has failed to address that the White House has done nothing about a US citizen being held for four months because he took the wrong turn and ended up in Mexican territory. The question is, how did those thousands of children get through Mexico without being detained and deported back to the Central American countries they came from? One US citizen is being detained in prison while thousands of children are now allegedly our problem? Entitlement of law breaking illegal immigrants is nothing new, but Obama has made it a full-blown national disaster and security risk.
And now, the president wants an “emergency” fund of $3.7 billion (Roll Call reports $4.3 billion)to handle the situation. Not to process them and send them back from whence they came – but to hire them lawyers as they plea to remain here uninvited.
Americans are a compassionate people, generally speaking, but enough is enough when national security is involved and our debt continues to rise to dangerous levels with the help of providing handouts to foreign national governments and their people; while kicking veterans of wars that our federal government sent them to under the bus.
The House of Representatives needs to say emphatically – NO – to the request for funding so Obama can continue his gross transgression against constitutional and immigration laws.
Mr. Obama does not nor ever will live in the areas he does not care about. He admonished George W. Bush for flying over the Hurricane Katrina Disaster instead of spending time on the ground with the people. This president will not even inspect the border to see how bad the situation is. He has not addressed the problem nor explained the reason that the border, approved before he was elected in his first term is still not finished. All of this is happening on his watch, but he refuses to take responsibility nor wants the law to be enforced. If it did, the Democrat Party would lose future voters.
I am sorry about the tsunami and other problems of Central America – but we only have so much room, and people should not be allowed to have access where they can walk across the border whenever they want. Our national debt cannot tolerate spending any more funds for people that are not citizens, especially those here illegally. If they care not about immigration laws, what makes anyone think they will care about any of the other US laws?
People should be demanding that the President recover Andrew Tahmooressi, a US Marine veteran, to be returned to the United States from Mexico. How dare the Mexican government retain a US president for being in their country without a passport! For decades they have turned their heads when it comes to illegals entering our country – and our presidents have kissed their backsides. The Mexican government on more than one occasion reprimanded the United States for enforcing our laws and wanting to build a security fence – implying that we are draconian – when it is Mexican immigration laws that are draconian. Free Andrew Now!
This year is the election year to clean out Congress and replace those who refuse to stand and fight against this president's unconstitutional and corrupted practices.
If the president can get a US soldier deserter from the clutches of the Taliban – he certainly can get one of our own out of Mexico. I would also want to know why a member of Congress was not allowed to inspect one of the camps where the illegal children are being held. I also want to know why Obama is not inquiring to the Mexican government how all those children from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador was able to traverse the length of Mexico without being detained and sent back while an American who was briefly in Mexico because of a wrong turn remains in prison.
As always, Obama has no answers to a myriad of questions; just as he did before being elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012.
If shame is put upon Obama, it is double shame for the Americans who allowed him to continue his damage to the United States in 2012.
The standing policy of the Mexican government is literally an act of war - this is just another event and circumstance with the Mexican government's fingerprint all over it. If I were president I would seek Congress to declare war if the Mexican government did not change those corrupt policies. Mexico has no right to any states of the United States because of (a) war with Mexico 1848 and (b) payment to Mexican government for territory north of the Rio Grande. Traditionally immigrants come to the United States to assimilate and become Americans. Today, that attitude is completely different, especially with illegal immigrants via Mexico. Read how Mexico handles its garbage and view the following picture taken in 2012:
Is this what Americans want their cities to look like?
Folks – never elect a lawyer or a community organizer. We need people with degrees in political science and good old-fashioned common sense when it comes to finances. People that believe that constitutional law is what made America great and ignoring the law has thrown the US into ruin. Of course, Obama allegedly taught constitutional law – and look what he has been doing. One wonders just exactly what he taught.
We need constitutional leadership. 

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