Jul 5, 2014

Growing Heroin Trafficking in Wisconsin Due to Immigrant Invasion and Drug Cartel

According to the National Drug Assessment Report and the Recent Wisconsin Report released by the FBI, heroin trafficking has increased in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is because of the recruitment of branches of the Mexican drug cartel increasing because of poor border security and the executive branch of the federal government, specifically the President, ignores immigration laws and has advocated retaining illegal aliens in the United States for various reasoning, but purely political.
As reported back in April, more than 3,000 US cities have been infiltrated by soldiers of the Mexican Drug Cartel who has increased its heroin production to meet the demand.

David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff
Wisconsin has been one of the several so-called “sanctuary state”, where illegal alien residency is ignored, along with federal immigration laws. They are paying the price for their liberal attitude toward immigration laws and ignoring them. Problem is it is the average citizen who deals with the mess. Fortunately, Wisconsin has become a concealed carry state, but the endangerment to our youth is ever present. 
Despite all of this, the Milwaukee mayor has joined the anti-gun program of Michael Bloomberg and Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clarke has joined the NRA to fight firearm confiscation and the ability for Milwaukee County lawful citizens to defend themselves. David Clarke stated:
To me gun confiscation would be an act of tyranny. So the people in Milwaukee County do not have to worry about me enforcing some sort of order that goes out and collects everybody's handguns, or rifles, or any kind of firearm and makes them turn them in. The reason is I don't want to get shot, because I believe that if somebody tried to enforce something of that magnitude, you would see the second coming of an American revolution, the likes of which would make the first revolution pale by comparison.
The ruthless Mexican Drug Cartel has been recruiting in the United States since at least 2008, with one faction, Los Zetas, looking for recruits in prisons and street gangs.
The following video shows how Mexican citizens are suffering because of organized crime; which is now established in major cities of the United States. This is what happens when corrupt government turns its head in dealing with the law – wherever it originates. The video is an eye opener of how our leadership combined with the inept and corrupt Mexican government has produced such serious problems. This video will shock you and hopefully awaken you to a serious problem ... presenting Rodrigo Canales:
One can understand why decent citizens of Mexico are desperate to leave that violent environment; unfortunately, among them are the very people they are trying to escape from as they cross the US border illegally. In the previous video, another factor is the popularity of illegal drug usage in the United States – which is shameful.
Another factor is that youth today have not enough definitive parameters as to where lines are drawn in social circles and individual behavior; with an overall denouncement of basic values that make a successful and good society.
Society must first reform itself in order to expect reformation of their government take effect.
Mainstream media focuses greatly upon the advocacy of the anti-Second Amendment movement; but they do not seem to be zealous enough to focus on such society destroying movements like what is described in this article and the video above.
Smokey the Bear motto has been “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires” - but our national motto should be: “Only We the People Can Reform and Make a Real Difference”.
Vote this election year 2014 and do so responsibly. There are Americans our there who are constitutionalists and those earnestly wishing to push real reform, bringing back the constitutional republic that created and made this once the greatest nation.
Heroin trafficking has been unheard of in the Door County Peninsula, but recently citizens eyes have been opened by a local drug ring bust against heroin traffickers that caused the death of two users.
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