Jul 28, 2014

Call Your Congress Member: Say NO to Funding Illegal Immigrant Programs

We the People of the United States of America are in the middle of a crisis that has culminated into sense of urgency and certainly a national security issue. Our southern border was supposed to be secured five years ago. Our lawmakers, the US Congress MUST reject President Obama's spending request for amnesty and his secretive program (not even congressional members allowed to investigate illegal immigrant holding area) as well as return ALL illegal immigrants back from whence they came. Congress also requires to reverse the Obama executive order for unilateral amnesty before the August recess.
This border crisis has built up over years of the executive and legislative branches ignoring immigration laws and border security – on both sides of the political aisle; but this president has significantly increased problems through corruption (Fast-N-Furious) and illegal executive orders, of which no one has been indicted or impeached.
Since his first week in office as president in 2009, President Obama has been sending the message to immigrants that they can come to America, illegally, without fear of being deported. In 2012, his executive order enacting the DREAM Act, which did not pass in Congress, is an example of overreaching his powers as president and ignoring constitutional requirements for legislative process. Thus, the border has increasingly been difficult to protect from illegal crossings, even providing way points providing them water and offer to help illegal immigrants along the well-traveled trails on our side of the border.
No more funding to bring illegal immigrants, children or adults, into the United States against immigration laws and against the votes of Congress.
It is time to stand by the rule of law – the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments and immigration laws established with common sense and the security of the United States. 
And, since you are calling your congress person - tell him/her that you want the 16th Amendment repealed and replaced with a flat-rate consumption tax - Fair Tax Act to help our economy along with the repeal of Obamacare.
Vote smart in the upcoming congressional election - you owe no loyalty to any political party, but instead loyalty to constitutional law - the rule of law.
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