Jul 26, 2014

Funding Legislation Practices Must Change

Allen West sent a memo, concerning the way both political parties orchestrate funding legislation, reprinted here:

Senate Democrats are playing a disgusting game with the security of Israel for political purposes.

The U.S .Defense Department has asked for emergency funding of $225 million in support of Israel’s Iron Dome protective weapon system. But  the Democrat-controlled Senate is trying to tie this with funding  President Obama’s request in the current illegal immigration border crisis.

This is the devious way funding is manipulated on Capitol Hill — and sadly, it happens on both sides of the aisle.

Steadfast and Loyal

Funding requires separate bill submitted for voting. Presidents should send back bills that do not and Congress needs to pass legislation requiring it to be so. Reduction of loophole politics is essential. Also, read what Mr. West has stated about multiculturalism in Europe where immigrant/citizens are more loyal to the enemies of the free world than the UK's army reserve. It is truly a danger to western civilization. 

See Also:

Thought for the day: US foreign policy, especially with Israel has been to concede to Palestine/Hamas whenever possible and now Kerry wants Israel to hold a truce. So the question is, does federal government practice what it preaches? What if Mexico lobbed rockets into Texas? Would we do what is expected of Israel?

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