Jul 9, 2014

Shoulder Holster Tips

Galco Kodiak Hunter model
When I was a limo driver I carried large quantities of cash, thus also carried a 9mm with a Bianchi leather skeleton holster. It was so comfortable I would forget it was there, balanced because on the right side there was a magazine holster. So with that experience, I pass on to readers some tips if you choose to use that style of conceal carry holster.
The standard carry position for this type of holster is the vertical position, which is the choice if you carry large frame automatics or “Dirty-Harry” style long-barrel revolvers. There are models also available with long-barrel scoped revolvers for hunters or custom holster for those who have laser-point systems.

Horizontal carry
The model I carried was a horizontal holster, which provided an easier draw, which in conceal carry is best. It is the best choice for concealment whether it is a semi-auto or revolver; however, the muzzle pokes out at the rear and depending upon what type of jacket one is wearing, it may produce a bulge which gives away the concealment ideology. Therefore, short muzzles are the optimum choice.
The best compromise is to carry the firearm at a 45-degree angle with the muzzle pointing up with the grip being easier to grab than the “upside down” position and the gun is easier to conceal.
45-degree carry
According to Grant Cunningham and Bill King, Gun Digest review of shoulder holsters, women draw more efficiently and safely than men because most men do not have the upper body flexibility necessary for best draw. Thus, experts state that shoulder because of that reasoning that shoulder holsters are recommended for women. My experience is that either men or women have no problem with a properly fitted shoulder holster.
Shoulder holsters are available in traditional leather or nylon ballistic cloth, and one maker offers one constructed of polyethylene. Spend the extra money and purchase a quality leather shoulder holster – it will last forever and be more comfortable.
Vertical, "upside-down" carry

Military Style Shoulder Holster
The following video has been produced by the Weapons Education people with more facts about shoulder holsters.

Mernickle Double Carry System
Shoulder Holster Mfg:
Western Style Custom Holster
I personally suggest you purchase custom quality leather holster systems, as the previous video demonstrates for the best quality and comfort.
If you have the talent, you can purchase a shoulder holster pattern from Tandy or Springfield and make your own. 
Blackhawk Leg Harness System
Military holsters have changed over the years with the leg harness replacing the shoulder holster style.
I added the following video to reinforce safety in carrying conceal-carry firearms:

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