Jul 19, 2014

Man Raised in Door Peninsula Murdered in Chicago and Gun Control

A man, Wil Lewis, who was raised here on the Peninsula was murdered at a Chicago bus stop when caught in the crossfire of gang members. Lewis was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital. He and his wife moved to Rogers Park to start a new job as a photographer for an online men's clothing store. Lewis was adopted at the age of 7, a child living in poverty in Guatemala; raised in Sturgeon Bay. After going to Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, he moved with his wife to Chicago to start his career.
Chicago remains the violent city it has been for decades, commonly referred to as the murder capital. US Representative Robin Kelly (D) of Illinois joins the Michael Bloomberg initiative, who aided the election campaign of Kelly as a fellow gun control supporter. The position Kelly holds was formerly the seat of Jesse Jackson Jr., who is currently doing time in federal prison.
The Kelly Report, a manifesto with a long list of gun control plans includes essays by anti-firearm supporters with a list of planned gun control legislation and groups like Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety, Brady Campaign, Educational Fund to End Gun Violence, Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, and Americans for Responsible Solutions.
The report advocates two gun control restrictions to achieve national gun registration in increments leading to full gun registration. As proven in the past, the method of so-called gun control does nothing to prevent or stop crimes committed with firearms. The groups and report wants to repeal Stand Your Ground laws, national Right-to-Carry (repeal of 2nd Amendment), federal regulation of the manufacture of firearms, prohibit mail order ammunition sales, reporting those who purchase 1,000 round or more of ammunition, remove restrictions of public access to BATFE firearm trace data, repeal federal law that prohibits frivolous lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearm industry, requiring “ballistic fingerprinting”, mandate “smart gun” technology, and taxpayer funding to pay for “research” that promotes gun control and confiscation policies.
Chicago, along with the state governor are part of a group that continues policies that fail, but never change its presentation; for example, gun control. Despite clear statistics and facts, they believe gun control and/or firearm confiscation from general public will keep people safe; when in fact law enforcement usually shows up after the crime is committed. Self defense measures prevents crimes and criminals do not pay attention to gun control - getting their firearms on the street or stolen from somewhere. The difference is that the criminals purchase firearms out of the mainstream because they intend to use it unlawfully; while the lawful citizen wants to use for self-defense, hunting or sport shooting. Gun control advocates do not give up no matter what the hard facts are and invariably, like 2012, they make more people purchase firearms for fear of their weapons ban bills passing Congress or their state legislature does the same - all the while ignoring the rights and liberty of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. 
Kelly introduced a bill in US Congress last week – HR 5093: Children's Firearm Marketing Safety Act, that would direct the Federal Trade Commission to prohibit the use of cartoon characters to market guns to children (children cannot purchase firearms anyway), to prohibit manufacturing firearms in colors “designed to appeal to children”, and other nonsensical sentences. In reality, it is a program designed to create future anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment citizens just as tyrants like Joseph Stalin did in the Soviet Union regime. Brainwashing children ensures state compliant and controlled future citizens.
Rep. Kelly and his Kelly Report and Michael Bloomberg should be a stark reminder that Congress requires cleaning out this election year.
Democrats have replaced their "liberal" icon and identify themselves as "progressives" - they are certainly not liberal in terms of its meaning, and certainly socialist progressives. Too many Republicans do not adhere to original political platform or represent constitutionalism. The GOP requires some serious reformation within its ranks and the Democrats should change their identifying name to Democratic-Socialist Party of United States.
Indeed, journalism and the media require reformation as well.

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