Jul 17, 2014

Wausau Wisconsin Man Fired For Having Firearm in His Vehicle

Wisconsin Carry organization has funded a lawsuit on behalf of a Wausau, Wisconsin man who was unlawfully terminated after verifying to a Human Resources Manager that he had a lawfully carried firearm in his personal vehicle. The HR manager misrepresented (lied) about the firing suggesting that the employee had the firearm outside the vehicle. This is false, according to attorneys and supporting witness statements verify it. The company is Kolbe & Kolbe. Even on the day of his firing, the man was praised by his supervisors for his performance. 
Apparently, the HR manager did not like the fact that the employee had the right to carry concealed weapon and keep it in his vehicle when parked even on the employer's property, according to Wisconsin statute, Section 175.60(15m)(b) reads:
An employer may not prohibit a licensee or an out-of-state licensee, as a condition of employment, from carrying a concealed weapon, a particular type of concealed weapon, or ammunition or from storing a weapon, a particular type of weapon, or ammunition in the licensee's or out-of-state licensee's own motor vehicle, regardless of whether the motor vehicle is used in the course of employment or whether the motor vehicle is driven or parked on property used by the employer.
Those that carry concealed firearms with a permit should respect private property owners who request that no firearms be allowed and by posting a sign that states that visible to visitors as required by law. A motor vehicle is a person's private property as well and Wisconsin law recognizes the right to keep a firearm within your property – at home or in the vehicle.

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