Jul 11, 2014

Comparing the AK to the AR at the Range and On The Bench with Jerry Miculek

Jerry Miculek, World Champion
Thanks to champion shooter, Jerry Miculek, there is a professional video that compares the Russian military rifle and the American military standard rifle ...

In the next video, Jerry field strips both weapons and compares each rifle's hardware. The AR wins in the fast disassembly system with a good lockup via the excellent gas system ...
The AK is certainly cheaper; but for total reliability and ease in maintenance, the AR stands tall and is one of the most popular rifles worldwide. The standard trigger, military specs, is not the best trigger action, but with the myriad of custom triggers available that can change. The same applies to the AK.
End result is the choice of the shooter and how much they are willing to spend for their rifle. The AK, of course, is heavier with the standard wood stock, forend and grip. Like automobiles, the choice depends upon individual taste.
 Jerry demonstrates good rifle shooting and some training to make one a better marksman - Rifle 101:
Jerry's daughter, Lena Miculek, is also a remarkable shooter and competition champion; especially with shotguns.
Lena Miculek demonstrates in this last video with her Kay Miculek, her mother, basic rifle marksmanship. It is apparent it was her father that taught her prone shooting which is based on the principles of military marksmanship ...

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