Jul 17, 2014

Bruce Walker Has It Right - We Need A New Contract With America

Twenty years ago, 300 House Republican candidates stunned Democrats with its Contract With America. This brief, clear document committed those who signed on to do several specific things if voters gave Republicans control of the House of Representatives, a body that Democrats had controlled for the prior four decades. Eight of the promises in the Contract With America were internal changes in the operation of the House of Representatives, and the House fulfilled them. The other part of this document promised to bring to floor votes within 100 days ten substantive bills that the Democrat leadership of the House had kept bottled up, protecting their members from having to vote on these measures. No document in modern American political history was kept as completely as the Contract With America. Conservatives today who whine that Gingrich was not able to enact these ten bills into law ignore the explicit purpose of the Contract With America, which was to end the tyranny of House Democrat leaders who protected their members by keeping these measures from floor votes. Gingrich and House Republicans over-performed on their promises: all of the eight reforms that House Democrats had bottled up for decades passed with overwhelmingly bipartisan support, and all of the ten substantive bills passed (most with significant Democrat support).
The Contract with America presented a will of the people. A new contract of that sort could finally get things done that the American people want, which the supposed representatives of the people had and are ignoring, like one of my ideas that is well over ten years old:  
Veterans to have a voucher for health care in the private sector instead of using the disgraceful Veterans Administration .  
There are fifty VA hospitals, one for each state, located in each of their capitals; and this does not include clinics, like the new expensive one built in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The feds would recoup their investment in these hospitals/clinics by selling them to the private sector, which would only leave the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC. It would save vast amounts of funding because the only cost would be the cost of health care and not maintaining separate hospitals and clinics. It would help the veterans' ability to get health care without driving across the state or depending upon veteran affairs provided transportation that also sucks up funding. But most of all, the disgraceful way Veterans Administration hospitals operate would end. Those who depend upon employment would transfer to private sector health centers, if they are qualified, that would be created by turning over the VA operated health centers to the private sector.
Mr. Walker also has other ideas to add to the new contract with the People … vote to allow the Keystone Pipeline, which the people want. In addition, vote to start a program to make the United States self-sufficient when it comes to crude oil, which would also afford the United States to become a trader in the crude oil market and adding a much needed refinery to meet the demand and keep domestic fuel at a lower price.
Another idea of Walker is to -  
... repeal Obamacare, except for those few items that Americans want, like insurance for pre-existing conditions, keeping adult children on insurance until age 26
And here is another idea involving veterans and the dreaded IRS:
In the wake of the appalling behavior by the Veterans Administration and IRS, how about legislatively waiving sovereign immunity from civil liability for any federal employee who tries to hide information from Congress or exerts pressure on other employees to hide misconduct or incompetence? Why not waive federal employee civil immunity for any IRS employee who uses his office for political objectives?
How about repealing/replace the 16th Amendment and get rid of the draconian income system replaced with a tax that relies upon consumption instead of income at a fixed, flat rate that can only be changed by two-thirds vote in Congress?
Just such a measure, a solid contract with American citizens, could certainly help clean out the Senate of political prostitutes (and the House); especially in this important congressional election year. It would certainly make Obama a lame duck president for the rest of his term, maybe even make him see the errors of his ways. I guess that would be too much to hope for, especially when he would be vetoing most of those bills. But a veto can be legally overridden by a proper majority of Congress.
Congress, its members, over the decades has created and escalated the constitutional crisis we face today along with other serious issues, like the economy and national security in terms of our southern border. Presidents over the decade have been wrong in not enforcing laws that should have been enforced; and let's face it – We the People have done a poor job in protecting rights and liberties by the way we vote and who we choose. Even the process of voting requires a serious reformation because voting fraud has escalated because of the system and no one seems to be prosecuted when it has been discovered. No wonder there are Americans who feel their votes do not count.
Reformation, true reformation, is the key element in all of these issues. We must vote for politicians who want to achieve results of solving problems and not continuing policies that do not work or make things worse. In that respect, the key words are accountability and limited powers provided by the US Constitution.
It is time to end the importance of political clubs and circles and emphasize on performing government duties in behalf of the country. No wonder the Founders balked at forming political factions; which they foresaw to be the factor that would destroy the republic.
We the People need a solid contract, yesterday; but this year, 2014, will do. It has been requested since May of this year - where is it? Primaries are in the process and November will be here quickly.
Newt Gingrich is pushing for a new Contract With America ...

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